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The Jerusalem Show - 2nd edition by Yigal Feliks

The Jerusalem Show - 2nd edition by Yigal Feliks

50.00 ₪Price
Text by Dvir Tzur
Soft cover
46 pages
18 color plates
Language: Hebrew
Year of publication 2016
Second edition: 100 of 300 copies including future editions, signed and numbered
Published by Kaleidoscope Press

An early work (2005) based on digital manipulation. This work was photographed in the center of new Jerusalem. It examines the place through stereotypical figures which define this area which consists of 3 main streets called "The Triangle".


"This work is somewhat documentary project, but also very Subjective at the same time. I see this area as a stage in which the architecture is backdrop and the people on the street are actors.

Everything in the photograph has indeed been present in the same place, but not at the same moment. The result is that in addition to the documentary aspect of the work, it also deals with the dimension of time. The viewer is watching moments that have never actually happened, but they reflect my own personal time experience".

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